As with most of my pen names and other pseudonyms (and passwords), the moniker Uttley came to me out of the blue. I just plucked it out of thin air. The first name, though, Eugene, is a reference an Oregon college town where I endured my most grueling spate of homelessness and psychosis. I went homeless in Seoul, too, for a couple of weeks, but that was a cakewalk compared to Eugene. Seoul is pretty much the New York of Northeast Asia. Like New York, Seoul has seen it all. …

This is very well done. Following u and sharing this piece around. Hoping for more in this vein/style/voice.

Hello Medium!

I have just become a Medium user, and this is my first offering here.

I am a reader and a writer and am currently enjoying letting the prompts and challenges provided by various sites inspire my writing and blog posts.

Here are those of which I am presently aware:



  • Monday :
  1. Ronovan Writes
  2. Limerick-Off Monday
  1. 100 Word Wednesday
  2. One-line Wednesday
  3. Weekly Tanka Challenge
  4. Poetic Asides
  • Thursday :
  1. Three Line Tales
  2. Thursday Photo Prompt
  3. Carrot Ranch


Weekend Writing…

Dan Julian

Yet another content consumer, creator, and curator...

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